Ag. Galini, Rethymno,

Crete, 74056



Avra Rooms
  • 1. Festos
  • 2. Knossos
  • 3. Rethymno
  • 4. Chania
  • 5. Heraklion
  • 1. Preveli Beach
  • 2. Agios Georgios Beach
  • 3. Matala
  • 4. Agiofarago Beach

Agia Gallini - To perfect place for a unique vacation

The Avra rooms are placed in a quiet road in the amphitheater hill of Agia Galini. The hotel is set on a hill, just 350 m from the beach of Agia Galini

Useful distances

350 m from the sea
250 m from the center or Agia Gallini
Airport Heraklion 75 klm
Airport Chania 115 klm
Agia Galini

Agia Galini is a small sea side village which is located in the southeast side of the county of Rethymno in the Libyan sea. Agia Galini is built on top of the ruins of the old town of Soulias. In the village exist the cave of Ikaros and Dedalos where acording to the mythology they hid for the time that they were persecuted from the King Minoa. From that place they tried to fly with hand made wings that they made with wax. Today there has been built a theatre for them, as well as their own statues .

Don't forget

Staying in Agia Galini you can explore the treasure and the civilization that exist just a few kilometers away form Agia Galini. Faistos was the second most important city of Crete along with Knosos which constitutes today the most important archeological site. Under the control of Faistos also was the ancient ports of Matala and Komou. In addition to that you can discover the stunning beaches which are located near the village, like Agios Georgios, Agios Paylos , Triopetra as well as the beach of Preveli with the beautiful palm forest and last but not least the Moni Prevelis. From th other side of Agia galini there are the beaches of komos, matala, and the special beach of Agiofarago with the crystal clear water.